Eh, what?

Atomic Blender is the brainchild of designer, photographer, occasional motorcycle builder and generally creative-type fellow Andrew Knott

Back in what some young whippersnappers might call the ‘olden days’, in a dimly lit hut on a craggy hilltop (ok, so it was an office cubicle on the second floor, but artistic licence comes with the job, so go with it) a designer had a flash of brilliance, a fleeting idea, a concept… which he promptly forgot. However, over the following fifteen years this hare-brained scheme percolated in the depths of his design-addled mind and eventually escaped into the light of day. It was the idea for a fantastical device. A device not merely made of copper and glass, but also fashioned from hard work and passion, technical skill and an almost fanatical attention to detail… and some sticky tape and string. A device for harnessing pure creativity and whizzing it up in a series of impressive sparks and smoke clouds to produce an end product better than the one you thought you wanted when you put all that stuff in there in the first place.

And in a dramatic flash of lightning and a roll of thunder amidst the sound of slightly manic laughter (because fate demands a certain narrative)… the Atomic Blender was born!

After many years of tinkering and tweaking, the Atomic Blender can now take anything from a vague concept to a well drafted plan, big or small, and turn it into all kinds of finished design. From logos and branding to interiors and signage, brochures and books to all kinds of advertising… all it takes is the flick of a switch (well, the flick of about 10 switches… well, buttons technically… on your telephone… but let us not let facts get in the way of a good story). Now if it could only make coffee…

Apart from the obvious cool factor, the advantage of the Atomic Blender is that this ingenious machine can produce professional high quality products at a fraction of the cost. So it won’t break the bank… but for anything else plugged into the mains and surrounding areas, there are no promises.

So if you want to see this amazing machine in action, just drop me a line!